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Exploring The Keys

Prem Rawat speaks with clarity and insight on the topic of peace, yet his message is more than words. Prem Rawat offers anyone who is sincerely interested a practical way to discover peace within, which he calls Knowledge.

The Keys Open Learning Program supports individuals who want help to access a personal experience of peace.

Prem Rawat offers a way to discover peace within — four practical techniques which enable a person to turn their attention inside in order to experience the feeling that resides there. He calls these techniques Knowledge: the know-how to go within.

“What I offer is more than words. I offer the know-how to access the experience of peace and fulfillment within. I call it Knowledge. What Knowledge makes possible is an enjoyment of life that is independent of circumstances. It is a way to connect to the experience of the self that lies within.”

Keys materials provide an individual learning process through a set of DVDs, enabling people to prepare for their own personal pursuit of inner peace at times and in places that suit them.

Exploring The Keys continued

Comprised of six Keys in total, the first five cover different topics and are watched sequentially. Each Key is comprised of a primary presentation video, with supplementary videos that support the topics covered.

The sixth key, where the techniques of Knowledge are taught (by invitation only), opens a door of possibility to continue a lifelong process of discovery and growth. Prem Rawat offers ongoing inspiration and guidance to support this lifelong enjoyment for people who have completed the Keys.

The Keys are available free of charge. For local information about the Keys and Keys libraries visit

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